Take your cocktail for a walk at The Banks – over 85 acres to be explored! 

The Banks launched its Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area program on Thursday, March 25, 2021. 


The DORA program allows patrons at any participating establishments to purchase and carry an open alcoholic beverage in a designated plastic cup. 


We hope to see you enjoying the DORA within The Banks' new pedestrian walkways and during outdoor events.

As with most things in life, there are a few rules and guidelines. Please check out the list of FAQs and rules below. 


When is the DORA program in operation?

DORA operates daily between 11am and 1am.

What are the boundaries?

You'll have access to space around all the stadiums as well as the green space outside the "Sing the Queen City" sign, near Moerlein Lager House and next to the new The Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center. Smale Park is not included within the DORA district. DORA beverages are not permitted in parking areas, nor on the Streetcar.

Where can I purchase a DORA beverage?

Participating locations include (subject to change): • The Stretch • Holy Grail • Jefferson Social • Taste of Belgium • Tin Roof • Fishbowl at The Banks • Yard House • Galla Park • Condado • E+O Kitchen and more!

Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?

Outside alcohol is not permitted.

Can I bring my own cup?

All DORA beverages must be in the designated, compostable plastic cups with the DORA logo and rules.

Are there limits to the types of beverages I can drink within DORA?

Beer, wine, and liquor are all allowable drinks in DORA cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating establishment.

Can I take my DORA cup back into an establishment?

You cannot take a DORA beverage from one participating establishment into another participating establishment. You are permitted to take your DORA beverage into approved retailers not serving DORA beverages. Window decals will be visible on all entrances, please check before entering.