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Bar Hours

Monday: 4pm - 12am

Tuesday: 4pm - 2:30am

Wednesday: 4pm - 2:30am

Thursday: 4pm - 2:30am 

Friday: 4pm - 2:30am

Saturday: 1pm - 2:30am

Sunday: 1pm - 12am

- Open two hours before every Reds game -

191 E. Freedom Way

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


  • Are there any charges or other payment requirements to book a party space besides the spending minimum?
    We do not charge a room rental fee to book private party space. Hosts are just required to commit to the spending minimum.
  • When will my credit card be charged for the event?
    The payment will be handled at the conclusion of the event. We do not charge anything prior to the event date.
  • Is there a deposit required to book an event?
    There is no charge or hold placed on the credit card used to secure the space. The credit card used to secure the space would only be charged if you cancelled your event within the outlined requirements ($100 Cancellation Fee) or if you did not show up for your event, which would result in a $300 No-Show Fee.
  • How is the gratuity handled?
    Gratuity is not automatically included for any event. We suggest leaving a 20% gratuity for the staff who works your event – this will be divvied up amongst the staff members who work your event, so no need to pay each staff member individually.
  • What happens if my group does not reach the spending minimum?
    If your group does not meet the spending minimum requirement, you as the host will be responsible for paying the remaining balance. This can be paid flat out, or you could purchase bottles of wine or food to take home.
  • Do I have to order food for my event since it’s a food and beverage spending minimum?
    There is no requirement to order both food and beverages for your event. If you’d like to meet the spending minimum in drinks alone, you’re welcome to, and vice versa.
  • Does the spending minimum have to be reached on one credit card, or will my guests individual tabs to go towards the spending minimum?"
    All orders, whether on a group tab or individual tabs, will go towards reaching the spending minimum.
  • How long can I book the room?
    We typically book private events for 3-hours at a time. Any timeframe over 3-hours may be subject to an increased spending minimum.
  • Can we stay past the timeframe we booked?
    Keeping the reserved space private past your event timeframe is up to the discretion of the manager working on-site during your event. While your event may end, we do not require thatyou exit the venue entirely – you’re welcome to move your group to the public area of the bar/restaurant to continue the fun!
  • Who will be my on-site point of contact?
    One of the managers will be your on-site contact. The management staff is aware of all event details, will have the host’s contact information, and will be anticipating your group’s arrival on the day of the event. This manager will be available to assist with any needs over the course of your event.
  • Who should I contact if I have any last minute questions/changes?
    Please contact the private parties & events coordinator, Kelly Allen, with any changes or questions. She is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. If your event falls on a day or time when Kelly is out of the office, please contact the store directly for any last-minute emergencies.


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